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Ex Soldier and Author. I was just sixteen years old when I joined the Army and stayed for fifteen years - half my life was given to this band of brothers but in truth it was my whole life. British Army on the Rampage is a seies of autobiographical novels that tell it how it was - warts and all. I wasn't in the SAS, I don't think I killed many people and if I did it was an accident. These are just the stories of a hell of a good time with real friends and comrades and the life we llived, the pranks we got up to and the friendships formed. I make no apologies for the fact that these memoirs are humourous because all in all I had one hell of an outrageously good time. And if war is a serious business at least we had a lot of laughs on the way...


NewsPosted by Sean Connolly Sat, November 05, 2016 10:56:55

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who pitched up to my Book Launch for Fighting The Red Menace, earlier this month. There are far too many people to mention, but to name a few.

The amazing author, Steven McLaughlin (Clubland UK) who dropped in from Blackpool. Great to see him again.

What a fantastic surprise to see Amanda and Lee. Although Amanda was a bit poorly, she still made it up from Shropshire. It really made my day. All the Mighty presenters who turned up, Karen, Marc the King Rocker, Andrew and Russ.Thank you so so much. It was great seeing you all.

Lisa Connolly (sis in law) and Lisa Connolly (daughter). My brother Bill Connolly and sister Wendy. John, The Warren family, Lisa’s partner Geof, Norman, Mark McLaughlin, Sparks, Neil, Luke and Jay, my dad, Naomi and Rebekah,

My boy Daniel for not only coming to my book launch, but for making his daddy some great little cup cakes which he brought with him. Sienna for keeping him company. Janet at the Cake Shed. What a bloody amazing cake. Mike, Clare and all the staff at The Guelder Rose. You were all magnificent. David Lewis Richardson who played a blinder yet again. I owe him so much. In fact, no I don’t, I give him the pleasure of making me look good and that's enough gratitude for him.

Now to Fiona Aldred. Not only did she suss out the ending to my book, she has been relentless in working for Army Novels and instrumental in pulling all my book stuff together. She is an absolute star.

So what’s next for Army Novels? Well Gunners ‘N’ Grenades is winging its way to Short Run Press as I type. Due to popular demand, the E- book will finally become a paperback. In a few weeks time and before Christmas, you will have your way. At the competitive price of £5.99 too. Yes, I know. It’s a snip and yes, I have lost my marbles.

Who knows what will be next, there may even be the appearance of six little children's stories or even a follow up to Gunners ‘N’ Grenades, but we will see!

So it just leaves me to say, get ready for round five and I will see you on the flip side of the new book.

Thank you all for your continued support.