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Ex Soldier and Author. I was just sixteen years old when I joined the Army and stayed for fifteen years - half my life was given to this band of brothers but in truth it was my whole life. British Army on the Rampage is a seies of autobiographical novels that tell it how it was - warts and all. I wasn't in the SAS, I don't think I killed many people and if I did it was an accident. These are just the stories of a hell of a good time with real friends and comrades and the life we llived, the pranks we got up to and the friendships formed. I make no apologies for the fact that these memoirs are humourous because all in all I had one hell of an outrageously good time. And if war is a serious business at least we had a lot of laughs on the way...

Giving Back...

NewsPosted by Sean Connolly Mon, March 07, 2016 13:04:30


I am proud to announce that on Thursday 10th March 2016, I will be presenting two cheques to my charity, The Royal British Legion, Byng House in Southport.

One of the cheques is from the proceeds of my books which you have bought over the past few months and the second is for the monies raised from the poppy pin badges I have sold at my book signings on behalf of Byng House.

I am also pleased to announce Byng House has given me kind permission to host the presentation during their coffee morning at 11a.m and who knows, we may be able to raise some more money for our charity.

My father, who is a Burma Veteran, will be attending. He is 90 years old and what is really cool is that he was one of the party who opened Byng House over 30 years ago. During my time in the British Army my dad was the Chairman of the Southport Branch of the Royal British Legion - A post he held for thirty years.

I’ll also be doing a book signing and a reading and as a special treat British Broadcasting Services (B.F.B.S) will be interviewing me after this. Oh and I shall be announcing the publication details of my new book, ‘Fighting the Red Menace’.

Byng House is a great charity to support and they need every penny to help our forces and ex forces personnel.

Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you all.

Sean Connolly.


Sean Connolly

In 1979 Sean Connolly was thrown into a new drinking club called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (N.A.T.O). He didn’t have a clue what this meant but he knew it sounded good. N.A.T.O, and of course a green army bus, were to take the author on an amazing and life changing journey which would transform his cloudy vision of what soldiering was all about. This was a tour of what dreams were made of.....

West Germany was more about brains than brawn. It was about intellect, intelligence, espionage and nerves of steel. These were the qualities that were simply lacking in the new artilleryman who was about to be was posted to a town he couldn’t even spell let alone say.

The soldiers of forty-field Regiment Royal Artillery had to learn the rules of a new game and they had to learn it fast. The Warsaw Pact was their new enemy. It was an enemy that was spearheaded by one of the most feared countries in the world. Russia.

Fighting the Red Menace exudes mystery, mayhem and menace. The story is one of intrigue, humour, passion and wrong doings. In his quest to become the best soldier in the regiment, the author stumbles across a traitor. His biggest fight isn’t with the Warsaw Pact, but whether or not he should blow the lid on the treacherous actions of a fellow British Soldier.