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Ex Soldier and Author. I was just sixteen years old when I joined the Army and stayed for fifteen years - half my life was given to this band of brothers but in truth it was my whole life. British Army on the Rampage is a seies of autobiographical novels that tell it how it was - warts and all. I wasn't in the SAS, I don't think I killed many people and if I did it was an accident. These are just the stories of a hell of a good time with real friends and comrades and the life we llived, the pranks we got up to and the friendships formed. I make no apologies for the fact that these memoirs are humourous because all in all I had one hell of an outrageously good time. And if war is a serious business at least we had a lot of laughs on the way...

’38 Battery reunion 2014’

NewsPosted by Sean Connolly Wed, June 25, 2014 08:20:16

Right then - Listen up because a lot has been happening. Firstly I can see again which helps if you are a writer. I've had my eyes replaced as I didn't like the colour of the old ones and they were a bit blurred. I've actually had my lenses replaced - I thought originally they kind of transplanted sheeps eyballs into you but I was wrong - they're plastic lenses they stick inside your eye. Bit like wearing glasses inside your head rather than outside.

And of course no sheep were injured during the writing of this blog. In fact I only mention it because it ain't every day that the company who do this operation get an author to work on and they've decided to use me in a marketing and publicity campaign - of course they might have done better using the sheep, we'll see and I'll keep you posted on that one...

Also The Royal British Legion, Byng House, Southport, held another of its Open Days Saturday 21st June 2014. The Armynovels team were deployed to sign copies of British Army on the Rampage with half the profits being donated to the cause. The weather was amazing with scorching hot sun all day. They even had a coconut shy - and I won a coconut - not to be confused with the hand-grenade in the picture below. I mean what would be the point of throwing coconuts at the enemy, though the way government cuts are going that may happen yet!

During the preceding week, the final touches were put to ‘Not my Fathers Apprentice'. The book has now been delivered safely to 'Bubblecow' for the edit. Authors cannot really edit their own work - it's a bit like a surgeon operating on their own child - far too emotional. Although I know there is still a serious amount of work to do on it, I am excited for its future. I think (and I know that I am slightly biased) its going to be a little gem.

And now for the big one - Friday 27th June is the annual 38 Seringapatam Battery Reunion. As usual the get-together is held in Nottingham during the Armed Forces weekend. Many copies of British Army on the Rampage (B.A.O.R) will be taken with me and I will be selling signed copies during the event on Saturday. Royal British Legion poppy badges will be on sale also.

Don’t forget to come and say hello to us during the event on Saturday even if you don’t wish to make a purchase, but for any Scrooges out there half the profits are donated to Byng House.

The E-book's, 'Gunners 'n' Grenades' and B.O.A.R. are on sale at Amazon. If you've not been lucky enough to read them already you are in for a treat so go and buy one - that's an order. It's less than the price of a sheep's eyeball...!

I now seem to have acquired my very own page on Amazon where you can see all the novels - take a look, HERE

And one other thing. The audio book of 'Warning Order Belize' continues apace. Now over two thirds has been recorded by the incredibly talented Jason Mills, so it won't be long before you will be able to listen to you favourite Army Nutters whilst on parade. There's an example of it on my website, HERE.
So hope to see you in Nottingham. Toodle pip, What ho! :)